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What is Included in This Course


Through 7 days of powerful virtual lessons crystallized from diverse ancient & modern spiritual traditions, you will elevate your vibration, shifting how you receive the world. This course includes guided meditations, instruction in pranayama (breath work), conscious breathing, body scan meditation, walking meditation, self-love, mantra meditation, transformational visualizations, and real-world guidance.

The mind can be a tsunami of routines, rituals, activities, conditioned behaviors, commitments, intentions, and desires. Couple this with the unknown, unplanned, and unexpected uncertainties that unfold with the pandemic, with every text, email, phone call, and conversation….before you know it... you've been carried away on a tidal wave of reactivity and lost track of the dream you set out to manifest. The meditations in this program will help quieten your mind and help find clarity amid chaos, and manifest life of your dreams.


With this powerful course, you will:

  • Discover powerful meditation techniques to calm your mind and learn to release daily anxiety & stress.

  • Manifest your goals through intention setting.

  • Increase happiness in your life.

  • Develop your human consciousness.

  • Heighten your emotional intelligence.

  • Improve your communication skills.

  • Cultivate a relationship with silence.

  • Connect to the divine spirit & learn to channel it.

  • Expand your abundance consciousness.

  • Improve your ability to make better choices.

  • Learn conscious breathing, body scan meditation, walking meditation, self-love, and mantra meditations, and much more.  


Who this course is for:

  • No prior knowledge or experience is necessary

  • Have an open mind and heart 

  • Want to get rid of stress and anxiety and achieve greater peace of mind

  • Have a desire to improve yourself

  • Want a more loving, centered approach to yourself and life

  • Be willing to practice meditation

  • Have access to the internet

  • Be able to watch & listen to video tutorials

  • Be able to download and view PDF files

  • Be able to download and listen to MP3 files

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