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AscendJiva Sept 11, 2022

On September 3, 2022, the Volunteering for Seniors (VFS) organization presented “Carry a tune Karaoke for Seniors anchored by Ms. Sonali Doshi”. The event was supported by Ascend Jiva and organized to engage and entertain seniors – promoting health and wellbeing, reducing isolation, and enriching the lives of all participants. 

The event was graced by the presence of Ms. Meena Bharath, Chair of the State of Massachusetts's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Gifted & Talented Education Advisory Council. She is also Chair of the Education and Leadership Development Committee and Commissioner, Chair of Education and Leadership.

She has been very supportive of this VFS initiative and has been helping in all possible ways. MS. Meena Bharath’s dedication to giving back to society, wisdom, and outlook inspire us daily. VFS is very thankful to Ms. Meena Bharath for taking time and being there to motivate and celebrate this glorious event, said Mrs. Pratima Penumarthy, Founder of VFS.


The event was also marked by the felicitation of achievers by honorable guest Mr. Robert B. Lancia and his wife Maryann Lancia. Mr. Lancia, who served two terms in the Rhode Island House of Representatives, gave a citation released by the Lt. Governor of Rhode Island to Pratima Penumurthy for her contributions to the welfare of our seniors. Pratima Penumurthy is a Founder of VFS, Arya Academy of Maths, and is recognized for her work on community service, caring for the elderly community, human rights, and other works in community organizations.
VFS is extremely grateful to Mr. Robert B. Lancia and the Lieutenant Governor for recognizing our contribution and the ongoing work to uplift the older New Englanders, connect them with resources and build a community-based system to support them. “We will continue to work hard in this direction and contribute to the welfare of our seniors and make a difference.” said, Mrs. Pratima Penumurthy 


Mr, Robert Lancia also gave a citation to Mrs. Aashita Shekhar, Founder of Ascend Jiva, Academic Nebula, and Four Colors Technology. She was recognized for her outstanding contributions to Media, Arts, Education, Women empowerment, Health, and Wellness. Through her Ascend Jiva channel, she is helping people grow in all areas of their lives, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. She is recognized for being a woman with a global vision coupled with a contagious message to share with the world.

I am extremely grateful to Mr. Robert Lancia and Lieutenant Governor for recognizing our commitment and passion for serving others while making an impact and leading with purpose. Through our inspirational programs, interviews, articles, reviews, event reporting, and spiritual coaching, we will continue to inspire others to improve their lives, dream big, and use their voice to influence positive, meaningful outcomes.” said Aashita Shekhar 










The most awaited moment of the event came after the citation presentation when each participant was called on stage to sing their favorite songs. Karaoke for Seniors created a memorable moment for participants, who enjoyed singing their favorite songs, socializing, and having fun. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of being in the spotlight, unleashing their talents, and enjoying great socialization activity. 

Once your event starts coming to a close, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the end-of-day mayhem. But Mrs Pratima Penumurthy made sure to end the event with a high gratitude note.

“Big shout out to Sraveo LLC for their Audio-video support, Sonali Doshi for her thoughtful contribution as a Karoke event designer, Pushpa Jangareddi, for her food sponsorship, and Kalyani Mulukutla and Ladoo Gopal for preparing delicious delicacies for our guests. Rashi Dua for your wonderful decoration, and Manisha Jain for her overall support. Sreelakshmi Muralidhar and Anjana Chennagiri, Akhila Penumarthy for taking such good care of the registration. Big Shout out to our youth volunteers Rahul Rajendran, Nemeira Lal, Rian Joseph, and young and highly energetic volunteer Saanvi. Last but not the least, VFS would like to extend a personal thanks to all the wonderful adult and youth. Last but not the least, VFS would like to extend a personal thanks to all the wonderful adult and youth volunteers who have helped make many of VFS’s projects and events possible. To all those who take the time to commit, your support and effort are truly appreciated. We acknowledge all our volunteers for their compassion, and awareness, and for seeing the need and responding”, said Mrs Pratima Penumurthy. 

The benefits of music have long been observed and are seen across cultures and throughout time. Our brains have been hard-wired to distinguish music from noise and respond to rhythm, repetition, and tones. Studies using MRIs and PET scans also suggest that specific nerve networks in different parts of the brain work just to decode various properties of music. So, bringing music into the lives of senior citizens with a karaoke night is a fun way to provide them with the benefits of music and singing with the benefits of socialization. Thanks to Mrs Pratima Penumurthy and her entire team for their thoughtful contribution in the life of seniors. said, Mrs Aashita Shekhar.

Volunteering for Seniors (VFS) has been established by Mrs Pratima Prenumarthy as a non-profit organization. The main idea behind it is to help the golden agers who truly need assistance in their daily life and are shy to come forward. The volunteers assist the senior citizens by providing them technical, friendly, communal, medical, professional, and non-professional help. VFS volunteers serve the golden agers by engaging with them in comfortable, relaxing, and joyous activities. This reduces their stress and helps them overcome insecurity and fear of isolation. VFS’s goal is to connect people to resources that promote aging with independence Increase community awareness of aging issues and generate community-based solutions to these issues. VFS conducts monthly webinars (senior health-related), Medicare and Medicaid workshops, and educational events to increase community awareness of aging issues and generate community-based solutions to these issues.

VFS is dedicated to improving the lives of seniors in our community, helping them stay energetic, reduce loneliness and isolation, and to be active participants in our lives. Your contribution today will make a difference for all our seniors!

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