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When you listen to your inner voice and follow your intuition, success inevitably follows

Aashita Shekhar

Meet Aashita

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Aashita helps people in their ascension process, expand their consciousness, heal themselves and heal the planet.


Entrepreneur, Customer Relationship Executive, Digital Content Writer, Motivational Speaker, Contemporary Spiritual Coach, Meditation Practitioner, Dancer, Model

Aashita Shekhar is a visionary spiritual leader and the passionate Founder of ASCEND JIVA CHANNEL. Her life's mission is to illuminate the path to spiritual awakening and personal transformation for individuals seeking higher consciousness and a deeper understanding of the Universe.

Aashita's journey towards creating ASCEND JIVA CHANNEL was inspired by her profound spiritual experiences and a burning desire to share the invaluable tools, meditation techniques, and profound wisdom she has acquired along the way. With an unwavering commitment to guiding others on their spiritual journeys, she has become a beacon of light for countless souls seeking enlightenment.

Through ASCEND JIVA CHANNEL, Aashita offers a diverse range of content and services aimed at nurturing the growth of the soul. Her channel features insightful interviews, reports on inspiring events, and reviews of uplifting programs, documentaries, and movies that serve as catalysts for raising one's consciousness. Aashita's eloquence and wisdom shine through in her videos, captivating and inspiring viewers to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Aashita maintains an enriching blog and regularly publishes spiritual awakening newsletters, providing subscribers with a continuous source of guidance and inspiration. Her coaching services are tailored to empower and support individuals through the challenges and triumphs of the awakening process, offering personalized assistance on their spiritual paths.

Aashita Shekhar is not merely a content creator or spiritual teacher; she is a soulful guide who empowers, enlightens, and uplifts those who are fortunate enough to cross her path. Her dedication to helping others awaken and ascend to a higher state of consciousness is a testament to her genuine commitment to the betterment of humanity. Through ASCEND JIVA, Aashita Shekhar is truly a beacon of enlightenment, leading others on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

ASCEND JIVA MEDIA CHANNEL is an integral part of Aashita Shekhar's multifaceted spiritual platform, dedicated to fostering personal growth, enlightenment, and a deeper connection with the spiritual realms. This media channel serves as a captivating and enlightening hub where seekers of higher consciousness can find a wealth of transformative content and experiences.

At ASCEND JIVA MEDIA CHANNEL, Aashita Shekhar curates a diverse array of media content that resonates with individuals on their spiritual journeys. This includes thought-provoking interviews with spiritual leaders and visionaries, enlightening discussions on profound topics, and immersive experiences designed to expand one's awareness.

What sets ASCEND JIVA MEDIA CHANNEL apart is its commitment to not only sharing spiritual wisdom but also showcasing inspiring events and providing valuable reviews of programs, documentaries, and movies that have the power to uplift and elevate one's consciousness. Viewers can expect to discover a treasure trove of content that sparks introspection, encourages personal growth, and promotes a deeper understanding of the self and the Universe.

Aashita Shekhar's passion and eloquence shine through in every piece of media presented on this channel, creating an engaging and transformative viewing experience. Whether you are new to spirituality or a seasoned seeker, ASCEND JIVA MEDIA CHANNEL offers something for everyone, guiding individuals towards a more awakened and fulfilling life.

In addition to video content, the channel may also include audio podcasts, live broadcasts, and interactive sessions that provide a direct connection to Aashita's insights and teachings. ASCEND JIVA MEDIA CHANNEL is more than just a media platform; it is a conduit for spiritual growth, enlightenment, and personal empowerment.

As Aashita Shekhar continues to share her profound wisdom and spiritual insights through this channel, it remains a valuable resource for anyone seeking to ascend to higher levels of consciousness and navigate life with a greater sense of purpose and understanding. ASCEND JIVA MEDIA CHANNEL is an indispensable companion on the journey to self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

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