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KALAIMANGAI ANBALAGAN: Weaving the rich tapestry of Indian culture through Bharatanatyam


In the heart of our cultural landscape, a luminous figure stands as a custodian of tradition and a visionary artist, Kalaimangai preserves Bharatanatyam's traditional form at her renowned fine arts institution in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. She is a disciple of Kalaimamani Smt Vadivudevi Pillai and Smt. Suryakala Chandrika Jeevananthan, Canada.


Committed to community service, she actively supports various causes through fundraisers and institutions like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Vision Aid, Adyar Cancer Institute, Genesis Foundation, UMASS Pancreatic Cancer Research, Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, and others. Holding prestigious titles like "Natya Prasana" and a "Nattuvanga Kalaimani" degree from Annamalai University Canada, Kalaimangai imparts profound knowledge to her students and serves on the town cultural council in Shrewsbury. 

With master's degrees in Bharatanatyam, Nattuvangam, and Computer Application, her expertise enriches the local cultural landscape.
Initially pursuing an IT career, her passion for dance led to the establishment of AmudhaSri Dance School.

Kalaimangai has been featured in all the major dance festivals in India, she has been Recognized as an exemplary member of the Indian dance community by Charlie Baker, the governor of Massachusetts, and the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts Mr. Karyne E .Polito.

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