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Signature - A Heart-Wrenching Testament to Love, Friendship, and Unyielding Hope

“Signature" follows the emotional journey of a devoted husband (Anupam Kher) as he struggles to save the life of his wife Madhu, who is on life support and relies on a ventilator to survive. In the midst of his financial struggles, he also rekindles a heartwarming friendship with an old friend (Mahima Choudhry) who is battling cancer. While Anupam Kher 's primary focus is on saving his wife, he finds solace and understanding in his friendship with an old friend (Mahima Choudhry), who he wanted to marry during his college days. The two share stories, support one another's struggles, and find strength in their shared vulnerabilities. As the bond between two friends strengthens, they realize the importance of cherishing the time they have left. Their experiences and conversations ignite a profound realization about life, love, and the fragility of human existence.

Driven by love and fueled by the inspiration he gains from his friendship with Mahima Choudhry, Anupam Kher is determined to explore every avenue to save his wife’s life. He delves into a relentless pursuit of assistance programs, while also seeking help from friends and family. Along the way, he encounters various hurdles, forcing him to question his own limits and seek out the power of community and unity. The film beautifully explores themes of love, friendship, and the resilience of the human spirit, while shedding light on the financial hardships that countless families face when dealing with critical medical conditions. Meanwhile, Anupam Kher’s journey to gather funds remains a rollercoaster. He faces countless setbacks, but his resilience never wavers. Along the way, he encounters unexpected acts of kindness from family, friends, strangers. 

This film also explores the delicate dynamics of a family facing a difficult decision regarding end-of-life care. The movie follows the story of a son who desperately seeks his father's consent to sign a Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) order for his mother, who is dependent on a ventilator to survive. Despite her chances of recovery being slim, father (Anupam Kher), adamantly clings to the hope that his wife will eventually wake up. Feeling the weight of this responsibility, the son decides to initiate a discussion about the possibility of signing a DNR for his mother. This proposition fractures their relationship, as the father feels betrayed by the son’s suggestion. Their opposing viewpoints cause tension within the family, and son is left questioning if he made the right decision by bringing up the topic. The film touches upon the ethical dilemmas surrounding end-of-life decisions, the complexities of family relationships, and the challenges of accepting the inevitable. As the story unfolds, the son and father must confront their own fears, guilt, and personal experiences that shape their individual perspectives. Their journey becomes a testament to the power and complexity of unconditional love and the struggle to reconcile opposing viewpoints in the face of life-altering decisions. In the end, "Signature" encourages viewers to contemplate life's difficult choices, the importance of open communication within families, and the significance of honoring the wishes of loved ones during their most vulnerable moments

'Signature' is a heart-wrenching testament to the power of love, friendship, and undying hope in the face of insurmountable obstacles. It explores the transformative nature of relationships, showing that even in the darkest times, the human spirit can find strength and solace in unexpected places. In the touching climax, Anupam Kher’s relentless efforts culminate in an unforeseen turn of event. The film effectively underscores the notion that even seemingly stable middle-class families are just one unforeseen incident away from financial ruin.  It also compellingly highlights how the medical system has become heavily commercialized, prioritizing profits over the human dimension of illness. It exposes the adoption of questionable practices within the healthcare industry, all in the relentless pursuit of maximizing financial gain. This portrayal underscores the ethical dilemmas and systemic issues that often overshadow the genuine care and well-being of patients. The film impeccably captures the sacrifices and emotional rollercoasters experienced by those caught in the storm of life-threatening medical conditions and their determination to survive. The film captures both the hardships and triumphs of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. It is a touching and emotionally charged tale that aims to inspire and remind audiences of the remarkable endurance of the human heart.

Review by Aashita Shekhar

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