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RANJANI SAIGAL : A Trailblazer in Education and Community. Inspires Transformation and Positive Change !


Ranjani Saigal, a beacon of inspiration and Executive Director of Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation USA. Leading over 100,000 schools in rural India and Nepal, she empowers 2.8 million children and transforms communities.

Her initiatives, like Ekal on Wheels, showcase her strategic thinking, bringing digital literacy to remote areas. With a background in education technology from IIT Mumbai and a 25-year tenure at MIT and Tufts, her expertise is vast. Beyond Ekal, she co-founded, a bi-weekly South Asian e-magazine with a substantial readership of over 40,000 subscribers. She is an active community leader in Burlington, where she has contributed significantly as a board member of the Burlington Food Pantry. Ranjani Saigal’s multifaceted leadership extends to cultural preservation through the founding of one of Boston's oldest Indian classical dance schools.

Her influence is widely recognized, earning accolades from Governor Deval Patrick, the India New England Women of the Year Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Asian American Commission. Her multifaceted leadership extends to serving as a qualified priest for Hindu weddings.

Acknowledged for her outstanding contributions, Ranjani Saigal has received prestigious awards, including the India New England Women of the Year Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Asian American Commission, solidifying her status as a distinguished community leader in New England.

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