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Women Who Win is thrilled to unveil its highly anticipated Summer Summit, a vibrant event dedicated to empowering women, fostering community connections, and igniting positive change. This FREE event offers attendees a chance to participate in enlightening discussions, hear from captivating speakers, and engage in invaluable networking opportunities. However, registration is required to secure your spot for this transformative event. Set against the backdrop of the esteemed Academy of Creative Arts in Burlington, this event promises an enlightening afternoon brimming with thought-provoking discussions, captivating speakers, and invaluable networking opportunities.

🎉 Event Details 🎉

The Women Who Win Summer Summit endeavors to honor the triumphs of women from diverse walks of life while providing a platform for sharing tales of triumph, resilience, and empowerment. From CEOs and C-suite luminaries to grassroots changemakers and supportive male advocates, this gathering boasts an extraordinary lineup of speakers and panelists poised to inspire and empower attendees.

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🎉 Keynote Session: CEO Connection 🎉

The summit launches with an electrifying keynote session spotlighting extraordinary women leaders who have blazed trails in their respective domains. Denella Clark, President and CEO of Boston Arts Academy and Chair of the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women, will illuminate the stage alongside Dr. Abha Agrawal, CEO of Lawrence General Hospital, Priya Iyer, Chairman and CEO of Concertiv, and Dr. Maha Radhakrishnan, renowned for her pioneering work at Biogen. This enlightening session, masterfully moderated by Rita Advani, promises to unravel the secrets of ascending to the pinnacle of corporate leadership.

🎉 Meet the Keynote Speakers 🎉

  • Denella Clark: With over 30 years of experience in nonprofit management, Denella Clark has dedicated her career to philanthropy and community empowerment. As President and CEO of Boston Arts Academy, she is a trailblazer in her field, actively engaging in initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Dr. Abha Agrawal: Recognized for her leadership in advancing medical science and patient care, Dr. Abha Agrawal serves as CEO of Lawrence General Hospital. Her commitment to health equity and advocacy for women's rights exemplifies her role as a transformative leader in the field.

  • Priya Iyer: Priya Iyer is a visionary CEO and influential leader in the technology sector, renowned for her entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. As Chairman and CEO of Concertiv, she is committed to diversity and inclusion, earning her numerous accolades, including recognition as the Top Woman Leader in SaaS.

  • Dr. Maha Radhakrishnan: Former Chief Medical Officer of Biogen, Dr. Maha Radhakrishnan has made significant contributions to improving patient outcomes and advancing medical science. Her commitment to health equity and patient advocacy reflects her dedication to making a positive impact on society.

🎉 Real Women, Real Stories 🎉

Throughout the event, attendees will be enthralled by the compelling narratives of women who have triumphed over adversity to achieve greatness on a global scale. These authentic and inspiring tales serve as a testament to the indomitable spirit of women everywhere.

🎉 Supportive Male Allies 🎉

Recognizing that women's empowerment is a collective endeavor, the summit will feature insightful discussions on the pivotal role of supportive male allies in advancing gender equality and catalyzing positive change.

🎉 Women's Well-Being 🎉

In addition to professional development, the summit will prioritize women's holistic well-being, including mental health and inner harmony. Through engaging panel discussions and interactive sessions, attendees will glean valuable insights into self-care and holistic wellness practices, including discussions led by health care providers, psychiatrists, and therapists addressing issues of anxiety and depression that have worsened since Covid-19.

🎉 Networking and Refreshments🎉

In addition to the enriching sessions and discussions, the Women Who Win Summer Summit also provides ample opportunities for networking and rejuvenation.
Light refreshments and chai will be available at the event, offering attendees a chance to enjoy light treats while engaging in great conversations over chai. Whether you're discussing the day's sessions, sharing experiences, or brainstorming ideas, the relaxed atmosphere combined with delectable refreshments sets the stage for fruitful interactions and memorable moments. So, grab a cup of chai, savor the snacks, and immerse yourself in the spirit of camaraderie and collaboration at the Women Who Win Summer Summit.

🎉 Community Changemakers🎉

The summit will shine a spotlight on the remarkable contributions of community organizations and changemakers dedicated to effecting positive change on both local and global scales. Attendees will have the opportunity to forge meaningful connections and explore avenues for impactful engagement.

🎉 Ascend Jiva Support🎉

Ascend Jiva is supporting the Women Who Win Summer Summit. Women Who Win’s steadfast commitment to women's empowerment and community engagement aligns perfectly with the mission of Ascend Jiva, and we are grateful for the collaboration. Ascend Jiva recommends attending the event to celebrate the spirit of inspiration, resilience, and ambition alongside like-minded individuals. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to network with influential leaders, gain valuable insights from empowering talks, and participate in uplifting activities aimed at personal and professional growth.

🎉 About Women Who Win🎉


The Women Who Win Event serves as a platform to honor the remarkable achievements and contributions of women across various fields. Through engaging panel discussions and insights from influential women, attendees will gain valuable perspectives on empowerment, leadership, and resilience. The event is spearheaded by Dr. Manju Sheth, Dr. Deepa Jhaveri, and Shaleen Sheth, who are dedicated to celebrating the triumphs of women and inspiring positive change in the community.


Secure your spot by registering at


Join to celebrate the spirit of inspiration, resilience, and ambition at the Women Who Win Event hosted at the Academy of Creative Arts, Burlington, MA. Your presence at this uplifting occasion is eagerly anticipated.

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