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The highlight of the The Women Who Win (WWW) Event, held at Shrewsbury Public Library on March 17 was the engaging panel discussion moderated by Aashita Shekhar. Aashita's thought-provoking questions delved into the motivations behind creating "Women Who Win" and the impactful messages the authors aimed to convey. Attendees were treated to real stories of inspiration, empowerment, and resilience, prompting reflections on personal journeys and aspirations.
The panel discussion during the Women Who Win (WWW) Event, moderated by Aashita Shekhar, delved into the motivations, challenges, and resonant stories behind the creation of the anthology "Women Who Win." Aashita's questions were carefully crafted to uncover the inspiration behind the anthology and the intended message for readers, with a focus on themes of resilience and empowerment. Panelists shared personal insights and the collective motivation to amplify diverse women's voices, highlighting these themes as central to their work and the anthology's message.


Inspiration Behind "Women Who Win": Maya Angelou's powerful words, "Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women," encapsulate the essence of empowerment and unity. With this profound sentiment in mind, what motivated the creation of "Women Who Win," and what transformative message do you aim for readers to glean from this anthology?

Dr. Deepa Jhaveri shared that the genesis of "Women Who Win" stemmed from the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Living in close proximity and sharing a passion for empowering women, they felt compelled to counter the pervasive negativity and anxiety prevalent during that time. The desire to offer something uplifting and empowering amidst the pandemic's turmoil led to the inception of the idea for women's empowerment. It all began as a casual discussion over tea, with Shaleen playing a pivotal role in consolidating the platform.

Every story has its unique voice and significance in history. Could you shed light on the selection process for the stories featured in the anthology? What specific criteria guided your choices in curating these narratives?

Dr. Manju Sheth emphasized the inherent power of every life story and dream, not just for oneself but for future generations as well. The selection criteria revolved around identifying impactful stories within their circles and broader communities. Personal connections played a vital role, leveraging years of experience in various fields to recognize impactful contributions across diverse domains. The outreach, facilitated by word of mouth and a structured nomination process on their website, expanded globally to encompass narratives from over 80 countries. This diverse representation ensures a rich tapestry of inspiring tales that resonate on a universal level.

The journey of crafting and publishing "Women Who Win" undoubtedly presented challenges. Could you elaborate on some of these challenges encountered along the way and how your team navigated through them?

Shaleen Sheth elaborated on one of the significant challenges they faced - sourcing stories beyond their immediate network. Despite this hurdle, they successfully collected stories from 80 countries, reflecting a truly global perspective. Building credibility and trust proved crucial, especially when delving into personal narratives. Conducting thorough interviews allowed them to understand each person's journey authentically, uncovering unexpected layers and insights that enriched the anthology. The diversity of industries represented in the stories further underscores the broad impact and relatability of "Women Who Win."

Each narrative in "Women Who Win" epitomizes resilience and triumph. Could you highlight a particular story from the anthology that deeply resonated with you, and what aspects made it stand out?

Dr. Manju Sheth shared touching examples, including stories of health challenges and overcoming adversity. These narratives not only inspired communities but also instigated positive actions, such as promoting preventive healthcare measures. Deepa Jhaveri and Shaleen Sheth echoed sentiments of strength and purpose found in stories of trauma resilience and breaking gender stereotypes in professional fields.

Dr. Manju Sheth expressed her affinity for narratives revolving around health challenges. She recounted a poignant story about a friend battling colon cancer, initially hesitant to share her journey. However, upon sharing her story in the anthology, she received immense community support, inspiring other women to prioritize preventive healthcare like mammograms. Dr. Sheth also mentioned the story of a well-known lawyer who faced screen blindness due to extensive computer usage.

Dr Deepa Jhaveri shared a touching story about a friend whose daughter survived a traumatic accident at a young age, leading to a coma for several months. The family's resilience and strength through this ordeal inspired her to set up trauma centers in India, turning personal pain into a purposeful mission.

Shaleen Sheth resonated with the story of a female pilot, highlighting the challenges faced by women in male-dominated industries like aviation. She appreciated the pilot's determination to reach the captain level, breaking barriers and paving the way for aspiring women pilots. Another story close to her heart was about a woman starting a food brand in the UK, driven by nostalgia for food from her homeland.

Dr. Manju Sheth also shared a remarkable story from Pakistan, where a woman's life journey from a refuge camp during wartime to establishing 200 schools for women in Baluchistan epitomized resilience and impact. This story's global reach, resonating across Middle Eastern countries, showcased the anthology's profound influence in amplifying diverse voices and inspiring positive change.
These stories not only highlight individual triumphs but also symbolize collective empowerment, encouraging readers to embrace challenges with resilience and determination.

Moving beyond the anthology, individuals may seek avenues to actively contribute to the mission of "Women Who Win." Are there upcoming community initiatives or collaborations that supporters can engage with?

Dr. Deepa Jhaveri encouraged volunteer engagement and highlighted ongoing initiatives related to male allies and potential web series, emphasizing the importance of continuous growth and impact. Such endeavors broaden the conversation on empowerment and inclusivity.

Additionally, are there any forthcoming projects or initiatives related to "Women Who Win" that readers and supporters can anticipate?

Exciting future projects, including a web series and collaborations with influential figures, demonstrate the expanding reach and impact of "Women Who Win," fostering a global community committed to empowerment and positive change.



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